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Aimed at representing artists from the area who wish to participate and sell examples of the work they produce it is, by nature, a mix of mediums and styles, subjects and sizes. Mostly wall art and jewellery with works in clay from Lindsay Wisniewski and Justin Cap, there are paintings and prints on offer from some longstanding members of Peterborough’s art community as well as some fresh names on the price list.

One of James Tovey's paintings is included in the exhibition and is available for sale.

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The Vivacity Unit has been set up as a production studio for the week of live art. Visitors can get involved in the drawing experience as well as talking to John and myself about our methods and ideas. See the creative process from conception to the digital version ready to submit for publication. You could also get drawn…! Each of us makes very different work but both of us often use digital tablets to work on, we can also offer hand drawn portraits should a visitor want to sit for one. John’s speciality is caricatures which have proved very popular at many events around the country including last years Peterborough beer festival.


From Saturday 1st February – Sunday 9th February 2020

10am – 5.30pm daily (Late night Thursday till 7pm)

10am – 4pm Sundays


Vivacity Unit, Queensgate, Peterborough. (Guildhall entrance off Cathedral Square)

Over the last few years Peterborough’s leading cultural charity Vivacity has been donating their shop unit to artists from Peterborough Artist Open Studios to showcase their work. This February 2020, the unit will once again be set up as an art space, going live with art in action, demonstrations and the chance to get involved creating some new energetic designs, some even destined for digital output and online presentation.

Open for a week, the space features work from two of Peterborough’s artists, James Tovey and John Elson. The two artists have worked together on numerous community projects including the successful Future Floodlands event held in Cathedral Precincts and a two week project at the Westraven Community Garden building Peterborough’s first SolarPunk eco-constructivist sculptures as well as running workshops with the local community.

You can also get details on how to become part of Peterborough’s growing arts community in joining the yearly Peterborough Artists Open Studios event.

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In planning now are some new exhibitions of my recent tablet drawings.

I have returned to digital media after not having worked with it for a period. Most notably I had used it for published illustration work back around the turn of the millenium, at a time when rendering 3D models could be measured in minutes - sometimes hours, and dial-up was still required for our internet connection. Other significant phases have often used digital imaging in composition preparation for hand painting or drawing - mostly as a short cut, instead of the media in its own right. All that was abandoned completely when I had a work accident in 2017, following which I reignited my illustration interests to keep occupied in recovery and stripped back to sketching and pen and ink.

I then wanted to move my ink drawings of 2017/18/19 on, and, after exploring oil, acrylic and gouache techniques extensively, I felt the need to move my drawing back into the computer and reengage with techniques I had first learnt on an Apple powermac using an A4 wacom tablet and pen in 1999.

Then only a dream, now we can draw direct onto a decent sized screen of an android tablet or ipad. The tablets are more accessible financially and work so much better than those old Macs and PCs - that crashed and froze continuously twenty years ago.

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Oil on Linen 72 x 76 inch in a red oak frame. Exhibition organised by Peterbourough Cathedral Education team and Peterborough Environment and City Trust. Located at the Peterborough Cathedral, August to October 2019 to coincide with the Luke Jerram Gaia installation.

The artwork idea was originated from bench ends and miserchord designs, particularly the Mermaid of Zennor. Framed in a large red oak frame and set up on a specially built temporary stand in the new building, the artwork received over 800 engagements many from Peterborough school children, The picture has been widely viewed and engaged with on the internet.

A further note on the making of Mermaid with her Mahi-Mahi and Oceanplastic: I held all the seaplastic objects in my hand whilst painting them, there is no fixed view point or vanishing point in the painting. The objects were never arranged other than in the painting for the effect of pattern and the illusion of space. The depth and space in the painting comes from the scale compared to the viewer and the mermaid and her fish. Some objects are larger than life-size, others smaller. I purposely did not play with combining different viewpoints in a cubist manner nor reverse perspective in a David Hockney type way; but it has a floating placement without a single perspective position and a conscious play of scale. The original concept was to make use of black delineations in a cartoon/graphic manner consistent with my ink drawings but that would have then flattened to space and obstructed the content as I felt its method would have become too dominant. I was injured at the time and had to paint with my right hand as well as my left it slowed me down and I averaged about six pieces of plastic a day, overall the picture took about a month to make, the sea blues had to be painted a few times to help with the depth in the pigment.

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#pboromakefest 2018

Fifth Musician of the #Plastocalypse @ #plastigeddon in the #plasticene . See the figure recently made during #pboromakefest 2018, by a gang of small and tall builders; on temporary exhibition in the Peterborough Museum Garden.

Understanding the sculpture is made easier by listening to David Attenboroughs speech to the United Nations:— at Peterborough Museum & Vivacity Heritage.

future rock carving somewhere on a hot planet A of plastigeddon shaman
future rock carving somewhere on a hot planet A of plastigeddon shaman


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