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New and reclaimed commercial timber, plywood and repurposed wooden offcuts, roundwood branches, collected driftwood, collected plastic debris from the A47, collected ocean plastic from a Devon beach, plastic objects repurposed after end of use, acrylic paint, screws, woodstain. Made May - June 2018.

Much as coins and pottery have been used as general indicators of dating in the archaeological record; future archaeologists will be able to date layers of their excavations from the plastic content. The brands, types of toys, single use plastic bottles, drinks bottletops, perhaps particularly windblown plastic bags will have a usage period in society and a date of first manufacture in terms of their industrialised output. Some objects will have a use by or best before date, or expiry date stamped on them. Plastic maybe the key indicator in classifying subsections of human impact during the Anthropocene.

Organic objects and textiles encased anaerobically in sediments have already been shown to survive many millennia so plastic items may last indefinite periods of time, perhaps geologists of the future may be finding flattened, entombed plastic in the fossil record during the period leading up until a human extinction event horizon.

The scuptures were shown in Antonia and Chris Pounsett's garden during the Castor and Ailsworth Garden Safari Weekend and then re-located to the front of the Peterborough Cathedral main entrance for the duration of the Vivacity Heritage Festival 2018, beside the Castor Ales beer tent.

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June 2016 saw a collision of events with the Peterborough Artists Open Studio 2016 starting, the Castor and Ailsworth Garden Safari weekend, followed by the Peterborough Heritage Festival 2016 and Castor Ales Bar outside the front of the Peterborough Cathedral. Jonathan and Jackie Cook, opened their garden for the garden safari and kindly hosted the sculptures which took the pressure off making my creative spaces safe for visitors to look round.

This also gave the project a chance to assess the logistcal implications of moving the large pieces around and calculate manpower and time needed for the PECT Green Festival 2016. The central piece for the PAOS weekend was to be a Torii Henge, laid out by Astronomy consultants Chris Pounsett and Duncan Vessey of Castor Ales, Ben Pounsett helped with the build and sourcing wood. This trial was worthwhile in proving that the Torii Henge is a feasible addition to the Floodlands stage set up, provided some modifications are made to speed the build and make the structure less reliant on the top ring for support.

Works included during the Peterborough Artist Open Studio Week 1 were:

Future Floodplain Xoanon

The Flood Monster

Plastic Electro Ocean Column


Torii Door

Torii Henge.


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