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By tov617, Jan 8 2020 09:37PM

In planning now are some new exhibitions of my recent tablet drawings.

I have returned to digital media after not having worked with it for a period. Most notably I had used it for published illustration work back around the turn of the millenium, at a time when rendering 3D models could be measured in minutes - sometimes hours, and dial-up was still required for our internet connection. Other significant phases have often used digital imaging in composition preparation for hand painting or drawing - mostly as a short cut, instead of the media in its own right. All that was abandoned completely when I had a work accident in 2017, following which I reignited my illustration interests to keep occupied in recovery and stripped back to sketching and pen and ink.

I then wanted to move my ink drawings of 2017/18/19 on, and, after exploring oil, acrylic and gouache techniques extensively, I felt the need to move my drawing back into the computer and reengage with techniques I had first learnt on an Apple powermac using an A4 wacom tablet and pen in 1999.

Then only a dream, now we can draw direct onto a decent sized screen of an android tablet or ipad. The tablets are more accessible financially and work so much better than those old Macs and PCs - that crashed and froze continuously twenty years ago.


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