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By tov617, Oct 4 2017 12:10PM

The Debris Navigator art installation at Westraven Community Garden, a space established for use by both the Westwood and Ravensthorpe district residents.

The art workshops have been organised with the help of Peterborough City Council, Peterborough Environment and City Trust, and Westraven Big local. Primarily the project has been run by Peterborough Child Services particularly with the proactive help of Samantha Smith, Councillor for Westraven and portfolio holder in the cabinet for child services.

From a Posivitistic - Ecological Art concept put together by artists Jim Tovey, John Elson and Lauren Ke, a build has taken place over the course of around 2 weeks leading up to an event day on the 9th Sept 2017. Children and Adults from Westwood and Ravensthorpe who have wanted to take part have built the installation in collaboration with the artists and also with the help of Sam and her husband Danny who put in the extra hours with the artists to get the job finished on time.

Poet Steve Walker performed on the day with John Elson comparing on stage and the organisers would like to thank all the acts of Westraven's Got Talent who took part and everyone who put on an art workshop and set up a stall. And everyone who turned up, especially our new MP, Fiona Onasanya, who took the time to come and see the kids fantastic achievements!

Gill Vessey led an #omsweetyoga yoga session in the new Solar Sanctuary - Henge.

Chris Pounsett's calculations have proved accurate for the lining up of the North Star post and the sun disc casts a shadow pattern on the henge/Solar Sanctuary's central tree on the Autumn and Spring Equinox; the tree can be seen in the middle of the top shadow triangle at noon (UT) on these days. Thanks also to Chris for writing a brilliant Creation Myth Story for recital on the moonstage. Chris Pounsett, Duncan Vessey and Martin Stalley were responsible for laying out the astronomical alignments.

Folkband Captain Backwash headlined the day event on the new Moon Stage with Duncan Vessey's Castor Ales providing his excellent beer and locally produced ciders served by Smylie Wiseman. Kevin Hand of PECT put on a great BBQ.

Thanks go William Robertson and his team of volunteers at the Westraven Community Garden for making the installation possible and welcoming everyone who took part. I'd also like to thank Jen Orrell of PECT for her help and support in organising the workshops in the Hampton Court Community Cafe and her help with the project leading up to the start date. The young scots pine tree planted at the cetre of the 'Solar Sanctuary' henge sculpture was kindly donated by the Green Backyard and has the potential to become one of Peterborough's iconic trees.

For all wondering how to begin, take a stick and and join it to another stick to sketch a line in the sky...

By tov617, Apr 3 2016 10:07AM

The charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), in association with Eastern Angles Theatre Company, is commissioning six writers to create short pieces for performance at the Green Festival 2016. There will be a launch event at the Green Festival on Saturday 13th August in Cathedral Square, with the main performances on the evening of Saturday 20th August at the Green Backyard.

The Future Floodlands stage is at once a collaborative group project as a vehicle for poetry performances, plays and story telling as well as environmentally focused art installation. Concept and stage set created by James Tovey, with lights and projections by Luke Payn and featuring the cartoon design skills of John Elson. Read James’ inspiration here:


Future Floodlands: exploring our relationship with a climate shift and a flooded future

Floods have shaped human history, particularly in the Fens and low lying Levels of the United Kingdom, featuring in many legends, myths and religious texts. Human communities have used changes in water boundaries and heights purposely to aid agriculture, trade and communication.

But recent years have brought us broadcasts and reports of watery destruction both nationally and internationally. We are already seeing the fallout on resources, refugees, the natural environment and our health. With predicted rising temperatures and sea levels these flooded scenes are set to become increasingly common.

Our future landscape may be deeply altered and challenging but it may not be environmentally unfriendly. We may find ourselves venturing back to the floodlands, seeking a new life in the communities that travel by boat over the submerged townships, roads and fields on tracts of water connecting island communities. What would it be like?


• We are looking for performance pieces; this can be in the medium of poetry, prose or script. The piece may involve movement or other theatrical techniques but it must be clear what and why these are used

• The aim is to evoke an emotional response from the audience, encouraging them to consider and engage with a realistic potential environmental change and our place within it

• The piece will be approximately 10 to 15 minutes long

• The piece must be performed by a maximum of 2 performers

• Any effects must be created by the performer

• There will be workshops and one-on-one meetings to support the development process with Keely Mills (poet) and Poppy Rowley (theatre director)

• The pieces will be rehearsed at the end of July/beginning of August with Eastern Angles director Poppy Rowley

• Actors will perform the pieces, or there is the option to perform your own piece


• A fee of £150

• Support from Eastern Angles Theatre co, PECT & The Green Backyard

• Your work will be performed as part of The Green Festival

• Working with professional actors and theatre directors


We require one A4 page example of your previous work and one A4 page of your proposed idea. To ensure anonymous judging please do not include your name on either A4 page.

This can be written in prose, bullet points, images, inspiration, etc. whatever format you feel best summarises your idea. Feel free to go further afield than the above inspiration as long as it links to the theme of Future Floodlands which are above.

(NB: sending less than an A4 page for either will not be penalised.

We would prefer this format for applications:

In your email please use for SUBJECT: Future Floodlands, Application for Commission

Please include the following information in the body of the email


Preferred method of contact:

Title of attached example work (A4 page):

Title of attached proposed idea (A4 page):

Please specify whether you would like to perform your piece (NB, if you end up writing a two-hander you could perform one part):

YES I would like to perform my piece

NO I would like someone else to perform my piece

DON’T KNOW YET I would like to decide nearer the time

Please email your application to Poppy Rowley at: [email protected]

by 12pm on the 29th April 2016

Commissions will be awarded on 9th May 2016


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